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I am very proud to present the result of one of our colloboration with the team of Xerox Research Centre Europe : Smart Document Review on multitouch surface.


Developed by researchers at the Xerox Research Centre Europe, the document review technology assists users to quickly group similar documents. Documents can be put side-by-side for comparison, scaled up or down, or piled in a corner of the table, just as real sheets of papers are placed on a real desk, but with all the capabilities of digital documents. And, by simply pointing to a few relevant documents, the user “teaches” the system what information is important. The system then uses this knowledge to automatically categorize and sort millions of documents in a fraction of the time it takes to do so manually.


Xerox’s document review system builds on previous technology called CategoriX, developed by a team of researchers at Xerox Research Centre Europe. CategoriX itself is currently available as part of Xerox Litigation Services suite of offerings for advanced e-discovery in the legal industry.
CategoriX is an automated document classification tool designed by scientists in linguistics and statistics.   This technology combined with the touch-table screen from PQ Labs form the basis of this smart document review prototype.



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XRCE - Xerox Research Centre Europe


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