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Colors in the brands from the top 100 sites...


Excellent travail de compilation et d'analyse des couleurs des logos par le site Colour Lovers. On y apprend que Marc Zuckerberg a choisi le bleu pour Facebook uniquement parce-que c'est la seule couleur qu'il puisse voir (il est color blind). Voici un extrait de l'article que vous retrouverez en intégralité sur le site de Colour Lovers.


"Turns out the blue-berry doesn't fall far from the bush. The web landscape is dominated by a large number of blue brands... but Red occupies a large amount of space as well. What's driving this? You might want to say that carefully organized branding research and market tests were done to choose the perfect colors to make you spend your money, but a lot of the brands that have grown to be global web powerhouses, started as small web startups... and while large corporate giants with branding departments spend quite a lot on market research, user testing, branding, etc. Lots of the sites listed above got started with brands created by the founders themselves with little to no research into the impact their color choice would have. I once asked Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook why he chose blue for his site design... "I'm color blind, it's the only color I can see." ...and now 500 Million people around the world stare at a mostly blue website for hours each week."




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